Recopart web system

Optimize and streamline work and environment!

Recopart develops and operates a comprehensive operating system for the return of used car parts to workshops and consumers. We connect insurance companies, dismantlers and workshops to a modern IT and logistics system. All players in Recopart’s web system have full control and transparency over the entire flow – from the fact that transport orders have been made by an insurance company to the delivered car. Everything can be followed in real time.

This gives the market an immediate overview of supply and demand and fast contact areas with each other. The result will be an effective flow of used car parts where the end customer gets his car faster, with high precision and getting complaints.

Coordination creates profits

Even though there are significant financial gains with Recopart web systems, the environment will be the biggest winner. With a coordinated approach, the share of recovered car parts increases and the environment is improved when raw materials and energy resources can be saved.

Optimized sales with warranty

Recopart web system segments sales to target groups of garages, car dealerships and consumers. By optimizing the system for each customer group, the business will be efficient and provide opportunities for the entire industry to grow. Through our web system and our partners, warranty is given on used car parts.

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